Western Sahara: Guterres calls to resolve "once and for all" conflict

APS - 22 January 2022

NEW YORK- UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called Friday for dialogue between Morocco and the Polisario Front to resolve, once and for all, the conflict in Western Sahara.

"It is time for the parties (conflict) to understand the necessity of a dialogue, to find a solution and not only to maintain an endless process, without hope for resolution," said Gueterres, quoted by the news agencies.

Guterres underlined that he is confident that the political process will develop again, while his new envoy in charge of the issue Staffan de Mistura has ended his first tour in the region.

He pointed out that that the issue has lasted for decades in a region of the world where there are extremely serious security problems, and where terrorism has increased in the Sahel, hence the need to resolve "once and for all" the issue of Western Sahara, he added.