Western Sahara phosphate: WSRW warns of new chapter of Moroccan plunder

APS - 05 April 2022

BRUSSELS- International observatory Western Sahara Resource Watch (WSRW) said Tuesday that Morocco would open, in 2023, a "new chapter in its controversial saga of its plunder of phosphate rock in (occupied) Western Sahara," condemning the support it receives from international engineering firms in this illegal operation.

"The controversial investment includes a new, sheltered port, a wharf, and a large production unit to process the raw phosphates," the observatory posted on its website.

"This is bad news for principles of international law," Morten Nielsen of Western Sahara Resource Watch said.

"Morocco has absolutely no right to export these minerals from the territory it holds under occupation."

"With a new fertilizer factory, Morocco will be able to export a wider range of phosphate products to new markets that had previously not been dragged into the (Western Sahara) conflict. This could have political consequences, further undermining the UN peace process that aims to provide self-determination for the Saharawi people," Nielson stressed.

He added that "it is deeply problematic that international engineering companies have assisted Morocco in its illegal and politically controversial endeavour of plundering the Saharawi people's minerals."

In 2023, Morocco will have completed the new port and the factory for production of fertilizers in occupied Western Sahara.