Covid-19: 500,000 doses of Chinese vaccine Sinovac to be received

APS - 31 May 2021

ALGIERS- Algeria will receive on Monday a new batch of 500,000 doses of Chinese Sinovac vaccine to protect against Covid-19, said an official of the health ministry announcing the arrival of about 3 million doses next July.

Algeria will receive on Monday 500,000 doses of Sinovac vaccine, pending the arrival of about 3 million anti-Covid19 vaccines next July and the reception of more doses of Chinese, Russian and Astra Zeneca vaccines, said Director General of the Pharmacy department at the Ministry of Health.

More vaccines will be received in the months ahead, she said announcing the acquisition of 5.5 million doses of anti-Covid19 vaccines by late June.

In this regard, the director noted the reception of another quota of vaccines in July, August and September.