Reactivation of National Fund for Fight against Cancer for better treatment of patients

APS - 05 October 2021

ALGIERS-Health Minister Abderrahmane Benbouzid announced Tuesday in Algiers "the reactivation" of the National Fund for the Fight against Cancer which was created in 2012 for better treatment of patients.

Speaking at a training day held at the headquarters of the Ministry on breast cancer for journalists, on the occasion of the celebration of Pink October, Benbouzid said that "the reactivation of the National Fund to Fight against Cancer will help to provide patients with cancer with proper treatment through equipping healthcare facilities with radiotherapy, new linear gas pedals and additional drugs.

After commending the role played by the media in raising awareness of citizens, the same official said that cancer "has now become a real obsession" for all health systems around the world, being the 2nd leading cause of death after cardiovascular disease.

Risk factors include environmental pollution, lifestyle changes and sedentary lifestyle, said the minister.

The number of cancers of all types in Algeria hit 50,000 cases with breast cancer topping the list with more than 14,000 cases annually.

In order to address this epidemiological situation and fight against its spread, the Minister of Health recalled the existence of the National Plan to Fight Cancer (2015-2020) which has encompassed all activities related to prevention, early detection of the disease, examination and treatment, especially since the state has mobilized equipment and human resources.