Key Dates in History 1830 to 1962

14 June 1830 Landing of French troops on the coast of Sidi Fredj
1830-1847 Revolt of Emir Abdelkader who gained recognition of his control of the central and western Algeria.
1830-1840 Political struggle of Hamdane Ben Othmane Khodja.
1830-1840 Resistance led by Ahmed Bey in eastern Algeria.
1846 Revolt of Benacer Ben Chohra in the center and in the southeast.
1845-1850 Revolt of the oasis of Zaatcha and Zibane conducted by cheikh Bouziane.
1851-1860 Revolt of Cherif Boubeghla and Fatma N’soumer in Djurdjura and in Kabylia.
1864-1884 Revolt of Ouled Sidi Cheikh.
1871-1872 Revolt of Hadj Mohamed El Mokrani Boumezrag.
1877-1912 Revolt of the Touareg ion the Hoggar with Cheikh Amoud Ben Mokhtar.
1912 Foundation of the “ Movement of the Algerian Youth“ led by Emir Khaled. Creation of “The Association of the Muslim Students of North Africa“ in Algiers.
1926 Creation of “the North African Star“ in Paris.
1927 Birth of the Muslim Students Association of North Africa in Paris.
1931 Creation of the Association of Algerian Muslim - ULEMA by Cheikh Abdelhamid Benbadis.
1937 Creation of the Algerian People’s Party by El-Hadj Ahmed Messali in Algiers.
8 May 1945 Massacres of Setif, Guelma and Kherrata with nearly 45000 people killed.
1946 Ferhat Abbas, creates the Democratic Union of Algerian Manifesto - UDMA. El-Hadj Ahmed Messali creates the Mouvement for the Triumph of Democratic Liberies - MTLD.
1947 El-Hadj Ahmed Messali creates the Special Organization.
1st Nov 1954 Launching of the Algerian Revolution.
20 August 1956 Soummam Congress and installation of the National Council of the Algerian Revolution- CNRA and the Committe for Coordination and Execution-CCE.
1957 the issue of Algeria brought into the UN Agenda.
19 Sep 1958 Creation of the Provisional Governement of the Algerian Republic- GPRA headed by Ferhat Abbas.
1961 Ben-Youcef Ben Khedda chairs the third GPRA.
18 March 1962 Signing of the Evian Agreements.
19 March 1962 Proclamation of the cease-fire
1st July 1962 Referendum on self-determination (99.7% voted in favor of independance).
5th July 1962 Proclamation of the Independance of Algeria.