Lalla Fatma N‘Soumer 1846-1857

Lalla Fatma N‘Soumer or Lalla Fadhma n‘Soumer (in Kabyle: Lalla Fadma n Sumer, tifinagh, born Fadhma bent Taieb ben Ali ben Aïssa, in 1830, died 1863) was an important figure in the movement of Algerian resistance during the first years of the French conquest of Algeria which earned him the nickname of Joan of Arc of Djurdjura.

In 1849, Fatma n‘Soumeur joined the resistance and rallied to Si Mohammed El-Hachemi, a Marabout (a man of Religion) who participated in the insurrection of Sheikh Boumaza in the Dahra in 18477. In 1850, she supported the rising of Cherif Boubaghla came Kabylie Babors.

After the death of Boubeghla, Lalla Fadma N‘Soumer directed alone, the resistance, and inflicted heavy losses to the troops of Marshal Randon, after the battle of Tashkirt, where the French lose 800 soldiers, including 56 officers. It was not until 1857 that the movement was finally crushed.

From 1846 to July 1857, she helped lead a resistance against the French. Once captured by the French forces, she was imprisoned until her death six years later.