Revolt of Sheikh Bouamama 1881-1894

Since the resistance of the Ouled Sidi Sheikh, the occupation Army believed to have, in the late 1870s, pacified the Southwest of Algeria especially as the southern region of Oran had a relative autonomy in the management of its internal affairs.

Due to the low concentration of settlers in this region where even the French Army had only one post at Abiodh Sidi Cheikh - fraction of Chraga. But since these battles, the family of Ouled Sidi Cheikh has dispersed. Some of its members are forced into exile in Morocco while for others, it is the exodus to the regions of the extreme South where they settle in the region of Goléa.

The truce observed by the inhabitants of the region in the resistance they had unleashed in 1864 did not last long. The Ghraba branch of Ouled Sidi Cheikh emerged on the scene through the struggle led by Sheikh Si Mâamar ibn Sheikh Tayeb, Chief of the branch of the Ghraba against what he considered the enemy in the region, from the month of April 1875. However, the latter is forced to withdraw and was placed under house arrest.

But soon completed the period from 1878 to 1880, another personality of the same branch emerges, namely Cheikh Bouamama who undertook the fight against French colonialism and opposed its expansion in the South-West Saharan region.