Revolt of Sheikh Bou-Maza 1845-1847

Sheikh Bou-Maza of his real name Mohammed ben Ouadah and also known under the name of Mohammed Ben Abdallah is an Algerian resistant against the French colonization. He was born around 1822 and died after 1879.

In April 1845, he assembled an army in the Dahra (located in the Center-West of Algeria), preached the revolt against the occupier and gathered more and more supporters. On April 20, 1845, the revolt spreads around Tenes, where insurgents attack a labor camp on the road from Tenes to Orleansville (City of Chlef ). For his part, Bou-Maza unsuccessfully besieged this center of French occupation. His troops are beaten several times, but he succeeds in expanding the movement.

Bou-Maza continues the struggle, often in consultation with the Emir Abdelkader, or even seconding him. On January 10, 1847, he supported in the oasis of Ouled Djellal a deadly fight against the French troops. Facing the end of resources, he returned to the Dahra and he decided to surrender on April 13, 1847.