Arab Festival of Heritage Film: Anamil Etaine wins gold award in Egypt

APS - 21 December 2020

KHENCHELA (Algeria)- Algerian documentary "Anamil Etaine" (Clay Fingers) has won the gold award of the first Arab Festival of Heritage Film, held in Egypt, the documentary movie maker, Hichem Remadeni, said Monday.

"Anamil Etaine," who represented Algeria at the festival alongside four other documentaries, was ranked first among 50 films representing eight Arab countries, the young director stressed.

Remadeni said the silver award went to the film "El Kenaoui, Sajir Ennar" by Iraqi Mohamed Toufik, and the bronze to Jordanian Djamel Bakir for his film "Founoun El Khalifa."

Produced by the Digital Arts Company and financed by businessman Chafeï Melih, "Anamil Etaine" was filmed in the Chouhada village of the commune of Chechar, province of Khenchela.

The 16-minute documentary follows the footsteps of local potters during the different stages of production of utensils in the pure chawi tradition.

A panel of specialists, including Dr. Ismat Yahia of Egypt, Rania Hedad of Jordan, Fayek Jerada of Palestine, Samir Faraj of Egypt, Habib Nasri of Morocco, Ketiba El Jenabi of Iraq and Jalila El Mejouni of Tunisia decided on the 21 works qualified for the semi-final.

Algerian film maker Hichem Remadeni also won the festival's Excellence Award for the best idea and movie making.

The festival was held online because of the Covid-19 pandemic.