Katara Prize for Arabic Novel: Algerian Bouhraoua rewarded in "Young people's novel" category

APS - 14 October 2020

ALGIERS- e Algerian writer Houda Bouhraoua won, Tuesday in Doha (Qatar), the 6th Katara Prize for Arabic novel, in the category "Young people's novel" category, for her novel "Nahwa Ennour" (Towards the light).

The contest is organized by the Katara Cultural Village Foundation under the aegis of the Arab Education, Culture and Science Organization (ALECSO). English language teacher, children's playwright, Houda Bouhraoua has already been shortlisted for Choumane Prize for Children's Literature in Jordan in 2019. She wrote several books, including "El-wali Salah" (The Patron Saint).

In the "Young people's novel" category, the other winners are Egyptian Mehdi Salah El-Douidi, for his novel "El Koubâat Ethalth" (The three caps), Palestinian Mohamed Mahmoud El-Akchia for his novel "2222", Iraqi Nadhem Mezhar for his novel "Adjnihatou Ennar" (wings of fire) and Jordanian Nada Djamel Salah for her novel "Kahirou Karasinatou Essand" (The Winner of the Indus Pirates).

The winners will each receive a reward of 10,000 USD and will have their novels published and distributed.