Mohamed Magani's "Scene of fishing in Algeria" translated into Italian

APS - 27 December 2020

ALGIERS-The novel "Scene of Fishing in Algeria" written by novelist and academic Mohamed Magani has recently been translated and published in Italy, announced the author.

Released in 2006, "Fishing Scene in Algeria" is the author's third novel to be translated into Italian and published in Italy after "Esthétique de boucher" (A Butcher's Aesthetic) and "Un temps berlinois" (A Berlin Time)."

"Fishing Scene" is a choral novel, halfway between short story collection and novel, which is distinguished by the multiplicity of voices and points of view that see, for example, books write their authors and seismographs record, not the earthquakes, but the facts, gestures and words of protagonists in the midst of the upheaval of the soil.

Mohamed Magani published his first novel in 1983. He has also published studies on history and sociology by Ibn Khaldun and short stories in English.

Since 2002, the author has published a series of novels: "Le refuge des ruines", "Scène de pêche", "La fenêtre rouge", "Rue des perplexes", "Quand passent les âmes errantes", "Une guerre se meurt" et 'L'année miraculeuse" ("The Refuge of Ruins", "Fishing Scene", "The Red Window", "Street of Perplexed", "When Wandering Souls Pass", "A War is Dying" and "The Miraculous Year").