International migration: Larbaoui presents Algerian approach before UN General Assembly

APS - 23 May 2022

NEW YORK (United Nations)- Algeria's permanent representative to the United Nations Nadir Larbaoui presented before the General Assembly of the United Nations the "comprehensive and integrated approach adopted by Algeria on the issue of migration."

In his speech at the International Migration Review Forum, held under the auspices of the United Nations General Assembly; the ambassador Larbaoui underlined "the priority that President of the Republic gives to the migration issue and his guidelines for the optimal management of this phenomenon, as well as the valorization of the national community's role abroad as a key player in the achievement of sustainable development."

In this respect, he emphasized "the role of Algeria, whose geographic situation and local development level have made from it a country of origin, transit and destination of illegal immigrants, in dealing with this phenomenon."

He underlined that "the illegal immigration is related to the existing security conditions, particularly in the countries experiencing security crises and which constitute a source of concern, notably with regard to security and health aspects and illegal labor."

Larbaoui pointed out that Algeria "deals wisely and responsibly with this issue, in close collaboration with the countries of origin and while respecting the dignity of the concerned people who are often victims of security crises and unrest in their countries of origin."

He affirmed that Algeria "subscribes to the objectives of the Global Compact for Migration, which aims to address the structural causes of migration, such as the low development rate, the negative effects of climate change and the degradation of the environment, as it also subscribes to the objectives for the strengthening of the mechanisms to combat migrant trafficking and eradication of human trafficking."