Lamamra: Algeria urges respect for Libya's sovereignty, territorial integrity

APS - 13 November 2021

PARIS-Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ramtane Lamamra on Friday reiterated Algeria's appeal to foreign parties to respect the sovereignty of Libya, its territorial integrity, and decision-making independence.

Speaking at the Paris International Conference on Libya, Lamamra strongly condemned the forms of continued foreign interference in the internal affairs of this brotherly country, and the involvement of some foreign parties in the violation of the arms embargo, despite their commitment to the conclusions of the two conferences of Berlin and the relevant resolutions of the Security Council.

"The permanent, inclusive and final solution to the Libyan crisis, as repeatedly stressed by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, can only be the culmination of a process that enshrines the principle of national ownership, a process that allows the Libyan brothers to play a prominent leadership role," said the FM.

Algeria has actively supported the initiative to stabilize Libya and has commended the sovereign measures to deal with the current developments in this brotherly country, he continued.

Recalling the approach of general elections in Libya, scheduled for next December, Lamamra stressed the imperative respect for this Libyan event par excellence, an event that should enshrine the willingness and sovereignty of the Libyan people and all persuasions in the choice of their leaders without pressure or any dictate.

Lamamra also referred to the unceasing efforts of Algeria, leader of the group of neighboring countries of Libya, and in collaboration with regional and international organizations, to enable the Libyan brothers to achieve the goals of this important phase in the best interests of Libya and neighboring countries, which are directly impacted by developments in this country.

"Algeria welcomes the Action Plan of the Joint Military Commission for the withdrawal of mercenaries, foreign fighters, and foreign forces in a gradual and synchronized way while taking into account the needs and fears of Libya," stressed the same official.

"My country has always emphasized the importance of addressing the challenges related to the unification of military and financial institutions in Libya and is willing to contribute, together with the African Union, to the success of Libyan national reconciliation through a consensus that will allow this brotherly country to strengthen its internal front and regain its natural place on the international scene.

Algeria hopes that our deliberations will renew our collective commitment to work under a more effective approach to meet the current challenges on the Libyan scene, challenges known to all and discussed in detail at several conferences.

Lamamra also expressed Algeria's satisfaction with the contribution of these meetings to the international consensus on the rejection of the principle of violence and the need to make dialogue and conciliation prevail between the components of the Libyan people.

"Algeria calls for a joint effort of the international community so that Libya overcomes, with the help of its children, the current difficulties," said Lamamra who expressed the readiness of Algeria to advocate in all international events the unity and sovereignty of Libya.