Mali: International mediation reiterates importance of Agreement on Peace, Reconciliation

APS - 23 April 2022

ALGIERS- The international Mediation in Mali reiterated in a virtual meeting, held on Wednesday, the crucial importance of the diligent implement of the peace agreement for a lasting stability in Mali and the whole region, as part of the monitoring of the implementation of the Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation in Mali, stemming from Algiers process.

"During this meeting, chaired by the ambassador Boudjemaa DELMI, representative of Algeria, leader of the international Mediation, the members of the international Mediation reiterated the crucial importance of the diligent implementation of the peace Agreement to ensure the lasting stability in Mali and the whole region. They underlined the primary responsibility of the Malian parties in the implementation of the agreement, said the Mediation in a statement.

In this regard, the members of the international Mediation "regret that the parties couldn't take advantage of the dynamic that emerged from the 45th session of the Agreement Monitoring Committee, held on 5 October 2021, and in which the Government announced its will to integrate, in two phases, 26,000 combatants," said the source.

They noted "with concern the absence of tangible progress in the peace process since that period and the lack of visibility of its future stages, as well as the statements likely to increase suspicion between the parties and complicate the consensual relaunch of the agreement implementation process.

The members of the international Mediation underlined that this deadlock in the peace process occurs in a complex and difficult security context both in Mali and the region, marked notably by a frightening number of civilian victims of violence.

They stressed that the protection of the populations is incumbent upon all the players and that they should spare no effort in this regard.

The members of the international Mediation insisted on the necessity of holding, as soon as possible, of a high-level decision-making meeting, which will initially be held in the two weeks that followed the 45th Agreement Monitoring Committee to reach a consensus on crucial issues of DDR and political-institutional reforms necessary for the full implementation of the Peace Agreement.

They reaffirmed their commitment to continuing supporting the parties and their willingness to take all the initiatives that could be helpful.