Policy of Algerian diplomacy based on principle, commitment

APS - 11 November 2021

ALGIERS-The Algerian diplomacy practices a policy of "principle" and "commitment" under its participation in various international organizations and forums, such as the Arab League Summit and the African Union (AU), said Wednesday the Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ramtane Lamamra.

"Algeria's diplomacy under the leadership of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune is based on principle and commitment," said Lamamra told the press ahead of the Conference of Heads of Algerian Diplomatic and Consular Missions held in Algiers under the theme "Algerian diplomacy and international challenges of New Algeria."

"We assume the responsibilities of our country and do so with a sense of responsibility and solidarity and an effort to understand those who have different interests from ours," he continued.

The FM also noted that Algeria "respects the independence of others and supports the principle of equality of peoples and their right to self-determination."

"We do not seek to impose our point of view. We just want all actors to be as respectful as we are of international law," he said.

"Algeria has no difficulty in expressing itself openly and transparently and our diplomacy is predictable," stressed Lamamra.

"It is possible for anyone to guess that in certain circumstances, we react in a certain way as we do not improvise our reactions. Rather, they are based on our principles and our history on our commitments," he explained.

We stand up for principles "without extremism and we try to do it constructively," said the FM.

"We believe in the virtues of peaceful coexistence and harmonious coexistence and respect for each other," said Lamamra.

In this regard, the FM stressed that "territorial expansionism, as well as state terrorism and illegal occupation of the territory of others, will never be accepted by Algeria (...) especially in our region and in our immediate neighborhood."

Besides, Lamamra stated that "the international situation is volatile and the fundamentals are shaken," reporting "improvisations and challenges to commitments and utilitarian positions rather than positions based on intangible principles."

"It is also true that there are hasty reactions whose authors do not take the trouble to put them in a historical perspective," he regretted.

The FM deplores the fact that "we are witnessing the destruction of the Maghreb stone by stone while we are supposed to build and consolidate this utilitarian trend whose end justifies the means."