UN: Algeria votes against suspension of Russia from Human Rights Council

APS - 08 April 2022

NEW YORK (United Nations)- Algeria voted Thursday against the decision to suspend the Federation of Russia from the Human Right Council, a resolution submitted by a group of western countries during a UN General Assembly's special emergency session on the war in Ukraine, convened for the third consecutive time since March 2.

In an address at the General Assembly, the permanent representative of Algeria at the United Nations, Ambassador Nadir Larbaoui, reiterated Algeria's continued commitment to the basic rules and principles of the international humanitarian law and the different international laws and charters relating to the protection and promotion of human rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Algerian ambassador added that Algeria strongly condemns all proven violations of the international commitments in this area.

"Despite the cruelty of the images from some Ukrainian cities, and which must be condemned in the strongest terms, and the related alleged crimes that are extremely serious, it is more than necessary to allow the relevant UN mechanisms to investigate these facts on the ground, in a neutral and impartial manner, to deliver justice to all victims."

"Enabling the competent UN mechanisms to fully fulfil their mission and role in line with the rules of the International Law and relevant United Nations resolutions, without any interference or prejudice, according to Algeria, is a prerequisite for proving the facts concerning any serious and systematic violation of human rights," the Algerian diplomat stressed.