Algeria needs consensual Constitution that meets people's aspirations

APS - 19 February 2020

OUARGLA (Algeria) - "Algeria is looking for a consensual constitution that meets the people's expectations," said Wednesday in Ouargla, the representative of the presidency of the Republic, Mohamed Laagab. Laagab gave a lecture on "the revision of the Constitution and the future of political reform in Algeria" at Kasdi Merbah University during a conference attended by research professors from different universities in the country.

He added "Algeria is looking for a Consensual and strong constitution, responding to the different ideas and expectations of the people and which consolidates national identity." "The revision of the Constitution is planned to prevent the country the risks of personal and hegemonic management, will establish equality between citizens, will strengthen democracy and will constitute the basis for the consolidation and protection of individual and collective freedoms," he said.

The professor also noted that, once the Constitution is revised, the electoral law will be revised to restore confidence in the democratic process and the electoral process, thereby restoring confidence in the State."