Boukadoum participates in ministerial conference devoted to digital response to Covid-19

APS - 05 July 2020

ALGIERS- Minister of Foreign Affairs Sabri Boukadoum participated Wednesday, by video conference, in the ministerial conference devoted to the digital response to the Covid-19, said a communiqué of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

During his contribution in this conference, organized and co-chaired by Estonia and Singapore, Boukadoum emphasized the interest of the initiative of organizing this conference "which enables the international community to focus on the health challenges induced by Covid-19 and the innovative solutions to strengthen the resistance to new pandemics."

In this respect, he said that a health crisis with such an extent as that caused by the Covid-19 pandemic "could be contained only through a digital integrated response based on local and international synergies as well as the solidarity and cooperation between the countries."

While pointing out the changes that occurred in the way of living and of working as well as in the consumption patterns which often rely on digital technology, which is in the heart of the current transformations notably in terms of response to health challenges, the minister enumerates some of the fields where resorting to digital technology allowed bringing responses to needs and transcending a number of difficulties like remote working, management and control of the pandemic, dissemination of information through social networks, in addition to electronic payments.

Foreign minister also stressed the need for an "urgent access" by all countries to the benefits of information and communication technologies "in order to reduce the existing digital gap in view of achieving the sustainable development goals 2030."

Boukadoum reviewed the Algerian strategy and measures taken to establish, strengthen and extend the use of digital technologies to all fields relating to health, economic and financial activities, education, culture, administration and information and communication sector, insisting on the "efforts made by the Algerian State to facilitate the access of all citizens to the advantages offered by a digital environment, in line with what exists in the advanced societies."

The conference culminated in the adoption of a Declaration on the digital response to Covid-19, which called for "a global solidarity in order to strengthen the digital transformation to face the effects caused by this pandemic," concluded the source.