Algeria's ambassador to Paris denounces Le Monde "unprecedented hostility" towards Algeria

APS - 06 June 2021

PARIS- Algeria's ambassador to Paris Mohamed-Antar Daoud denounced Sunday "the unprecedented hostility" towards Algeria, displayed by the paper Le Monde in its editorial of 5 June, wondering about "the real intentions of such a fierceness which recurs, knowingly, as each political event approaches."

"In the edition of 5 June 2021, your newspaper published an editorial imbued with an incredible hostility towards my country, its institutions and symbols, rudely entitled "Algeria in the authoritarian deadlock," he wrote in a clarification sent to this newspaper.

"Written in an office in Paris, without waiting for your special correspondent, who was getting ready to travel to Algeria from 8 to 14 June, to assess on the ground the Algerian people's strong interest, notably the youths, in this crucial phase in the institutional building of the new Algeria, the editorial in question mentions, with a disconcerting subjectivity, a missed event for the Algerian democracy," he added.

Lamenting "the deliberately outrageous and violent character of this text, targeting the President of the Republic and the military institution," Mohamed Antar Daoud affirmed that this editorial "questions about the real intentions of such a fierceness which recurs, knowingly, as each political event approaches in my country."

According to the ambassador, "We have, reasonably, the right to wonder about the approach of Le Monde, even its motives, when it hastens to make a value judgment considering "Algeria in the authoritarian deadlock," before even holding the interview expected in the next few days with the head of State, to broach, according to the formulated request, the stakes of the ongoing institutional process in Algeria."

"Does Le Monde paper serve the occult interests of lobbies hostile to any peaceful relation between Algeria and France?," he wondered, underlining, in this regard, that "the question remains unanswered."

In this regard, he noted that "the commonly-used subjective expressions" in the article like "regime," "civilian façade to the military," "authoritarian reactions" and "mass repression," are in fact over used clichés, continuously conveyed and repeated by a number of media outlets."