Algerian fighters' skulls buried in Martyrs' Square at El-Alia Cemetery

APS - 05 July 2020

ALGIERS - The skulls of 24 leaders of the Popular Resistance, repatriated Friday in Algiers on board a military plane of the Armed Forces from France, were buried late Sunday morning at the Martyrs' Square of El-Alia cemetery.

The funeral took place in the presence of President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, senior state and army officials, and members of the government.

During a funeral oration, Minister of Mujahideen and Rightsholders, Tayeb Zitouni, gave vibrancy to the liberating struggle of these first resistants to French colonization whose remains, mostly skulls, have been sequestered for more than a century and a half in a Parisian museum.

The Minister of the Mujahideen further welcomed the completion of a long process of repatriation of these brave resistance fighters to the French soldier during the 19th century.

Shortly before, a final tribute was paid to these resistance fighters at the Palace of Culture in Algiers by President Tebboune.

The day before, a public tribute was paid, the day before, on the same place, by many citizens, who came from several wilayas of the country to pay tribute to the memory of these brave fighters, including Sheikh Bouziane, Chérif Boubaghla, Moussa El-Derkaoui, Si Mokhtar Ben Kouider Al-Titraoui and Mohamed Ben-Allel Ben Embarek.