Geneva: UN dispute tribunal rejects complaint against Algerian authorities

APS - 01 September 2020

ALGIERS- The secretary of the Geneva Office of the United Nations Dispute Tribunal, Issam Al Muhammadi, said the complaint lodged by Algerian political activists against the Algerian authorities has been rejected 24 hours after being submitted and examined by the office's legal officers.

The complaint was rejected on several grounds, including "the content that is not in accordance with the reports of the Human Rights Organization in Algeria, some signatories having a criminal record, all signatories have not been resident in Algeria for a period of 10 years and the initiators of the complaint have a dual nationality, some of which do not even have Algerian nationality," the office's secretary told Radio Monte Carlo International on Sunday.

"The United Nations and human rights organizations examine cases and complaints, with a thorough assessment by lawyers from several UN member countries," he stressed.

The UN, he said, "relies on the reports of its sub-offices in the countries and not on those emanating from opposing parties or movements, because their disagreements with the regimes of their countries are internal affairs".