First draft of Constitution ready on Thursday

APS - 11 March 2020

ALGIERS-The first draft of the Constitution will be ready on Thursday or at the latest on Sunday, announced Wednesday in Algiers Mohamed Laagab Head of Mission at the Presidency of the Republic.

The Committee of Experts responsible for issuing proposals on the review of the Constitution, chaired by Ahmed Laraba, finalized the first draft of the country's supreme law.

Laraba will hand over the first draft of the reviewed Constitution to the President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune on Thursday or at the latest next Sunday," said Laagab during a forum on Constitutional review, held by the National Organization of Sports Journalists (ONJS).

The first draft of the Fundamental Law will be printed next week and will be handed over to different political actors, including civil society and associations, for debate and enrichment.

Laagab had already said that the Committee of Experts would complete its mission around mid-March and will present a first draft of the Constitution for debate and enrichment, in accordance with the agenda set by President Tebboune.

He also announced that all approved political parties, without exception, will receive a copy of the constitution's first draft, as well as all civil society associations, trade unions, political and national figures and university teachers in manner that ensures a broad and rich debate that leads to a consensual-based Constitution.

The proposed fist draft is expected to consolidate freedoms and social justice, preserve national unity and limit the powers of the President, which will no longer be imperial.

Following a discussion that lasted one month, the first draft will be submitted to the Committee of Experts, which will introduce the proposed amendments before submitting it to Parliament and then to a popular referendum.