Legislative elections: Applications of 19 parties, out of 39, meet legal requirements

APS - 28 April 2021

ALGIERS- President of the Independent National Authority for Elections (ANIE), Mohamed Charfi said, Tuesday in Algiers, that 19 political parties, out of a total of 39 which filed their candidacy applications for the June 12 legislative election "meet the legal requirements."

"39 political parties have filed applications with ANIE through 58 provinces, 19 of which meet the legal requirements, including the condition of collecting 25,000 signatures," Charfi told a press conference held at the headquarters of ANIE on the ongoing preparations for the June 12 elections.

"The ANIE has received 756 lists of independent candidates so far," he added.

Regarding the candidacy applications of the national community abroad, Charfi reported four applications of political parties and two independents lists.

"4,882 withdrawn application forms have been recorded, including 1,813 forms withdrawn by 53 political parties and 3,073 applications by independent candidates," he added

"1,249,000 forms of political parties and independents have been withdrawn, said Charfi noting that "473,000 forms have been withdrawn at the headquarters of ANIE by 18 political parties."