Legislative elections: Average national turnout nears 30.20%

APS - 13 June 2021

ALGIERS-The average turnout in the legislative elections neared 30.20% nationwide at the closure of polling stations at 08:00 p.m., announced Saturday evening the Chairman of the Independent National Authority for Elections (ANIE) Mohamed Charfi.

Six (6) provinces recorded a turnout exceeding 50% including two provinces with 74%, while 3 provinces recorded between 40% and 50% and 14 others between 30% and 40%.

A 25% turnout was reported in 5 provinces and 20%-25% in 7 provinces.

According to Charfi, 22 provinces recorded the participation of over 100,000 voters.

These rates remain "provisional" pending further details on the conduct of the election that will be given later, he said.