Legislative elections of 12 June: Election campaign to be launched on 20 May

APS - 16 May 2021

ALGIERS- The Election campaign for the legislative election of 12 June will start on Thursday (20 May) after being initially scheduled for Monday (17 May), Chairman of the National Independent Authority for Elections (ANIE) Mohamed Charfi announced on Saturday.

Supervising the draw process for the granting of the identification numbers to the political parties and independent lists competing for the legislative elections of 12 June, Charfi affirmed that the date of the beginning of the election campaign for the next elections "will be on 20 May."

ANIE "has mobilized the necessary energies to face the large number of litigations relating to the lists of candidates, in addition to the efforts of the Council of the State to give a ruling on the submitted appeals, and these obstacles could have been a stumbling block for the good preparations of these elections and if there was no wisdom," added Charfi.

He underlined that "all the appeals were lodged in time, and were settled in due course," adding that "there are only a few cases left that will be settled on time, until all lists are set and the political parties, with the independent electoral lists, are ready on 20 May for the election campaign."