President Tebboune announces repatriation of remains of 24 Algerian resistance fighters

APS - 02 July 2020

ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune on Thursday announced the repatriation on Friday of the remains of 24 Algerian resistance fighters. The remains will be carried by a military aircraft of the Armed Forces from France. The Head of the State affirmed that other batches of martyrs' remains will be brought back home.

In an address at the National People's Army (ANP) promotion ceremony held on the occasion of 58th anniversary of Independence and Youth Day, President Tebboune said that "an Air Force plane will land on Friday at Algiers Houari-Boumedienne International Airport carrying the remains of 24 leaders of the Popular Resistance and their companions from all parts of Algeria. Deprived for over 170 years from the natural and human right to be buried, the remains to be repatriated are those of Cherif Boubeghla, Cheikh Ahmed Bouziane, chief of the Zaatcha uprising Cherif Bou Amar Ben Kedida, Si Mokhtar Ben Kouider Al-Titraoui and others, including Mohamed Ben Hadj, a 18 year old fighter from Beni Menasser tribe."

"Algeria is determined to bring the remains of other deported martyrs back to their homeland," he added.
President Tebboune said that this move "perfectly mirrors our sacred respect for our martyrs and symbols of our Revolution, and our commitment to never give up any part of our historical and cultural heritage ".

"Far from remaining hostages of the past, evoking our History, with its details, sorrows and joys, to preserve the National Memory and assessing our present, with its strengths and weaknesses, is a benchmark for our children and grandchildren in building a bright future, endowed with a strong and solid personality, respectful of the foundations, principles and values of the Nation," he said.

The "heroes, whose remains are repatriated, are the comrades-in-arms of Emir Abdelkader Ibn Mahieddine (Peace upon his soul), also buried after independence in Algiers El Alia Cemetery, and whose names are in the long list of martyrs of the uprisings led by Lalla Fatma N'Soumer, Boumaza, El Mokrani, Cheikh El-Haddad, of the Revolution of Ouled Sidi Cheikh, Nacer Ben Chohra, Bouchoucha, from the Aures Revolution and the 8 May 1945 demonstrations until the outbreak of the Glorious Revolution of November".