Terrorism: For Washington, terrorist groups are unable to operate within Algeria

APS - 26 June 2020

WASHINGTON- Terrorist groups in the region are unable to operate within Algeria thanks to the efforts of the People's National Army and security forces which have neutralized their capacities, said the US Department of State in a new report published Wednesday in Washington.

"Algeria continued its significant efforts to prevent terrorist activity within its borders," said the department in the new edition of its annual report on terrorism in the world.

The terrorist organization, which continued operating within the region, didn't conduct any attacks in Algeria in 2019, said the source.

While referring to the reports made by specialists specialized in security, the department of State underlined that "the steady drumbeat of sweeping operations (conducted by the People's National Army) substantially diminished the capacities of terrorist groups to operate within Algeria."

The American diplomacy considers that Algeria remains "a difficult operating environment" for armed extremist groups in the region.
The department of State points out that Algeria and the United States continue to build and strengthen their counterterrorism partnership through a "regular dialogue and exchanges of technical expertise."

Simultaneously and during the period covered by the report, the Algerian government maintained a strict policy which excludes any concessions with regard to terrorist groups holding hostages, said the source.

The report notes that "the terrorist activity in Libya, Mali, Niger and Tunisia as well as human, weapons and narcotics trafficking contributed to the overall threat, particularly in border regions."