Africa Karate Do Championships: Algeria wins 12 medals, including 4 gold

APS - 09 February 2020

TANGER (Morocco)-Algerian karatekas on Sunday won 12 medals (4 gold, 6 silver and 6 bronze) at the Africa Karate Do Championships (juniors and seniors) held in Tanger (Morocco).

The Algerian kumite team won the gold medal on Saturday evening at the expense of Egypt in the team events, the only one so far in the senior category while the three other gold medals went to juniors Cylia Ouiken (-48 kg), Louiza Abouriche (-53 kg) and Ayoub Anis Helassa (-55 kg), still in kumite.

Yanis Tas (-61 kg) and Ines Abid (+59 kg) won silver in junior kumite in their respective weight categories.
Finally, the bronze medal went to Imane Taleb (-50 kg), Chaima Midi (-61 kg), Yanis Lardjane (-75 kg) in kumite and Mouad Ouites in kata as well as Yanis Tas (kata) and Aya Nour El-Bahdja Siad (-59 kg) in kumite.