Judo Federation opens door to Algerian expatriates

APS - 26 August 2020

ALGIERS- Algerian Judo Federation said Wednesday it would open the door of its different national teams to Algerian expatriates.

"Algerian athletes based abroad who wish to defend the colors of their country can now do so," the body governing judo in Algeria said in a brief statement, posted on social networks.

"All they have to do is tell Abdelkrim Rouibet, the Algerian judo official in Europe, about their desire" to join Algerian teams.

Even if they are based abroad, Algerian athletes have the right to defend the colors of their country and are, therefore, "potentially eligible" in the different national teams, the source said.

Other sports, such as football, swimming, fencing and gymnastics have already opened their doors to Algerian expatriates.