Africa Karate-Do Championships: Algeria snatches five medals on 2nd day

APS - 09 February 2020

TANGIER (Morocco)- Algerian karatekas won Saturday five medals (3 gold and 2 silver) in junior events at the African Karate-Do Championships (cadets, juniors, seniors), to run until February 9 in Tangier, Morocco. The Algerian gold medals went to Silia Ouikan (-48 kg), Louisa Abourich (-53 kg) and Anis Hellassa (-55 kg) while Yanis Tas (-61 kg) and Ines Abid (-59 kg) got silver. On the tournament's first day, Algerian karatekas won two bronze medals through Aya Nour El Bahdja Siad (-59 kg) and Yanis Tas in individual kata. In seniors, Algerian athletes managed to reach seven finals.

In women's kumite events, Lamia Matoub (-68 kg), Widad Draou (-55 kg) and Loubna Mokdas (+68 kg) will compete for the gold, while Kamelia Hadj Said and the women's team have qualified for the finals of individual and team Kata events. In men's events, Hocine Daikhi (kumite, +84 kg) and men's team have qualified for kata individual and team final events. Senior final events are scheduled for Sunday. The Africa Championships 2020 (cadets, juniors, seniors) are being held in Ziaten sports hall in Tangier (February 7-9), with the participation of more than 400 karatekas from 29 countries, including 28 Algerians.