JM Oran-2022: football tournament final to be contested in Ahmed-Zabana stadium

APS - 15 June 2020

ORAN- The final of Oran's Mediterranean Games -2022 football tournament will be contested at the Ahmed-Zabana stadium and not at the 40,000-seat under construction stadium of the Olympic Complex the Games Organizing Committee told APS on Monday.

Over the past month, the Ahmed-Zabana stadium, one of the oldest football fields in the country, has been significantly rehabilitated, the sorce said. This 30,000 seat stadium alongside five other stadiums will have natural grass lawn instead of their current lawns made of synthetic grass or natural grass but in a pitiful state.

Located in the popular district of El-Hamri, the Zabana Stadium, the stadium of the city's club, MC Oran, can attract a large crowd during the final of the MG football tournament, said the organizing committee. The new 40,000-seat stadium will host the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as athletics competitions.