OMSE Bologhine launches first international chess academy in Algeria

APS - 04 October 2020

ALGIERS- OMSE Bologhine club has launched the first international chess academy in Algeria, with the objective of boosting the practice of this discipline among young people through training programmes for chess players, trainers and referees.

"OMSE club has traditions that date back to the 1970s in practicing chess and has several champions in its credit. Through this international academy, we hope to attract the youngest people towards this discipline and to take them away from the society's scourges," said Sunday the trainer Abdelkrim Yahiaoui.

"Our objective is also to propose training programmes to trainers and referees, in collaboration with the Algerian Federation FADE in order to develop our discipline and later on organize international competitions," he added.

For his part, FADE's chairman Azeddine Djelloul welcomed this initiative of Bologhine club, considered as the first international academy in Algeria, hoping that this initiative will encourage the clubs of other regions to do the same, by launching their won academy as it is done in other countries.

This academy will enable the Algerian young chess players to participate in international competitions and thereby to progress when facing other players with higher level, he added.